Iran’s deputy FM visits Italy for consultations

November 17, The Iran Project – On the second leg of his EU tour, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Abbass Araqchi has arrived in the Italian capital of Rome on Thursday (Nov. 15) to discuss mutual ties as well as the future of cooperation between Tehran and Europe amid US attempts to block trade between the two sides.

During his daylong stay in Rome, Araqchi held talks with senior Italian officials including President of the Foreigner and European affairs Committee of the Chamber of Deputies Marta Grande, President of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate Vito Rosario Petrocelli, Italian Deputy Foreign Minister Elisabetta Belloni and Vatican’s secretary for relations with States Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher.

The Iranian diplomat first met with a number of Italian mass media persons and researchers during a working breakfast.

Talking  to a group of Italian reporters, Araqchi said, “Tehran has acted on its commitments with the JCPOA framework; The EU is expected to reciprocate and act on its economic commitments based on the JCPOA while abiding by its political liabilities.”

He noted that US abandonment of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) has posed challenges to the security of Europe, region and international system.

In a meeting with visiting  Araqchi, Grande said Europe is determined to work with Iran within the framework of the JCPOA in the wake of the US exit from the deal.

She pointed out that the 2015 landmark deal was not just an agreement between Iran and the United States or between Iran and the G5+1 but rather an international deal manifesting the will of the United Nations Security Council.

During a meeting with Vito Rosario Petrocelli, Araqchi reiterated Iran’s compliance with the JCPOA, saying that direct responsibility for Iranian nation’s benefits from the deal lies with the Europe.

He called on Europe to prevent America from using economic pressure as a weapon to establish a hegemony.

Petrocelli, for his part, reaffirmed his country’s support for the JCPOA, saying, “Senate’s resolve to preserve the deal is a main achievement in line with global stability.”

Maintaining excellent trade ties between Iran and Italy is a basic priority for Italy, he said.

In talks with Italian Deputy Foreign Minister Elisabetta Belloni, the Iranian deputy foreign minister said that dollar has turned into a weapons in the hand of the US to impose its illegitimate demands on European partners, challenging European states’ national sovereignty in practice.

During the meeting, both officials discussed range of issues including mutual political, economic and cultural cooperation, JCPOA, Mediterranean developments, Middle East and Persian Gulf as well as latest developments in Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Yemen, terrorism, extremism and separatism in the region, transit of drugs and crisis of refugees.

Re-imposition of sanctions by the US has endangered the nuclear deal, Araqchi stated in a meeting with the Vatican’s Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher.

The US violated the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231, the Iranian official added.

Also, the Vatican’s official  expressed opposition to anti-Iran sanctions and called for all sides to be committed to their obligations.

Following consultations with Poland and Italy, Araqchi travelled to Spain on Friday.