20 Persian language schools active in Russia

FNA – President of the Asian and African Institute of Persian Language Department Vladimir Ivanov said that currently 20 language schools in Russia are offering Persian language courses to those Russians interested in learning the official language of Iran.

Ivanov made the remarks  in the second edition of the national conference of the Persian Language teaching for non-Persian speakers, adding that the Russian Academy of Sciences works the same as the Academy of Persian Language in Iran, which provides extensive resources to Persian students by writing books on the vocabulary and grammar of Persian.

In the two-day conference, which is being held at Shahid Beheshti University, he added, “In Persian language department of the Institute of Asia and Africa, some speakers in addition to language, are learning literature, economics and history.”

“About two years ago, the head of the university offered a new rank for universities in Iran and Russia, which is particularly responsive to the culture of Iran and Russia,’ said the Ivanov noting that the center in world rankings is among the top 100 universities in the world.