Vice-speaker: US demand for talks with Iran aimed at killing time

FNA – Iranian Parliament Vice-Speaker Massoud Pezeshkian stressed strong opposition to talks with Washington after its withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal, saying that the US demand for negotiations is aimed at killing time and weakening Tehran.

“They (the US) have launched an economic war to overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran. They are not willing to negotiate with us and if they participate in talks, they will kill time so that they bring us to our knees,” Pezeshkian, who is a pro-Rouhani politician from the reformist-moderate camp, told FNA on Monday.

He added that US President Donald Trump is a person who bullies all countries, including China, Europe and Canada, and noted, “He wants to only materialize his own and his country’s interests in all deals and naturally, it is hard for everyone (to accept).”

Pezeshkian underlined the necessity for mobilization of all people and government possibilities to stand against Trump’s bullying.

In relevant remarks earlier this month, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Seyed Abbas Araqchi asserted that US President Trump’s dream of forcing Iran back to negotiating table with severe economic pressures would never come true.

The Diplomat made the remarks in a televised interview on Monday adding, “Donald Trump thinks he can force Iran to the negotiating table using severe economic pressures; however he is completely wrong.”

“The US is making history by violating a United Nations Security Council resolution it voted for three years ago; despite the urge of international community, it made every effort to destroy Iran nuclear deal,” he underlined.

“American political empire is declining. I do not remember leaders of other countries ever having laughed at a US president at the UN General Assembly,” Araqchi added referring to the last month Trump address at the UNGA where the participants laughed at Trump’s, in a way showing disbelief in his bragging about his administration success.

The economic mechanisms of the United States are also declining, Araqchi noted, adding, “Europe has said that the financial mechanism (SPV) arranged for cooperation with Iran is not just for Iran, but also to revive its lost independence and this is a serious demand of Europe to avoid unconditional compliance with the US.”

His remarks came after the US Treasury Department announced all sanctions on Iran lifted under the 2015 nuclear deal will be back in force on November 5.