US plots to end in defeat, shame: Iran Intelligence Min.

IRNA – Conspiracies of the United States, like the previous ones, will have no ending except defeat and shame, Iran’s minister of intelligence Mahmoud Alavi said on Sunday.

‘Forty years after the [1979] Islamic Revolution, the world is confessing that the Revolution has reached a point that has broken the grandeur of the Arrogance and is leading the suppressed people in their path toward freedom,’ Alavi added in a message on the occasion of rallies of the Student Day.

He said that the US is trying its best to break the back of the Islamic Establishment.

The rallies of Student Day (Aban 13, in Iranian calendar; November 4) took place today with the attendance of Iranian officials and people in front of the former US embassy in Tehran.

Iranian students captured the US embassy (Espionage Den) in Tehran in 1979 in reaction to the US efforts to interfere with Iran’s domestic affairs and to topple the newly-established Islamic government.

Rallies take place annually on the same day throughout the country.