Replacement of Iranian oil by other producers, a political bluff: MP

SHANA — Deputy Chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s Energy Committee, emphasizing that the replacement of Iran’s oil by other countries in the market is a political bluff, said, technically, Saudi Arabia could not replace Iran’s oil.

Hussein Amiri Khamkani told Shana that Iran’s oil exports would never stop, adding, “Iran’s oil exports would never go down to zero, but reduced oil supplies by Iran in the market would affect the market.”

The MP further underscored the necessity of creating [economic] stability and turning sanctions into opportunities in the country, adding, “With the official start of the embargoes, not only will there not be a problem, but would only indicated the failure of the United States to bring to zero Iran’s oil exports, and success of Iran and the Islamic community.”

He said US issuing sanctions waivers for 8 of Iran’s oil buyers was indicative of the fact that Washington had failed to reach its goals in this regard.

“Over the past 40 years, we have seen a variety of sanctions and have become more or less accustomed to the troubles they have created for us.”