Sharif University named best university of Iran

IRNA- Sharif University ranked as Iran’s best university of technology with 7.44 points, according to the results of the high-ranking world universities in the ranking system of “US News”.

In the 2019 rankings, a total of 27 universities from Iran were considered which the ranks of 21 universities of the country were announced.

In this ranking, the University of Tehran won 6.48 scores and global ranking of 438th is among the top universities in Iran.

The second rank with a total score of 47.7 and the global ranking of 460 is for Islamic Azad University, and Sharif University of Technology with a global rank of 550, and the 7.47 is the third highest university in the country.

Tehran University of Medical Sciences with a score of 1.39, Tarbiat Modares with a score of 9.35, and Iran’s Science and Technology with a score of 7.34 are ranked sixth to eighth. The global ranking of these three universities was 713, 805, and 837, respectively.

Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and Tabriz University each with a score of 5.33 and a total of 872 global ranks were put in the ninth place.