Iran negated US fratricidal plots in ME: IRGC

IRNA – The presence of Iran’s military advisors neutralized the US plots in the region to ignite religious, sectarian and fratricidal wars, said the spokesman of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) on Monday.

‘The American officials confess that they promoted and propped up the Daesh (ISIS) terrorist group to wage religious, sectarian and fratricidal wars in the Middle East,’ Brigadier-General Abolfazl Shekarchi told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

General Shekarchi said that the opposition groups led by the United States, from the early days after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979, have been trying to undermine the Islamic Establishment in the country.

‘The enemies of the Islamic Establishment, led by the US, have been trying to counter it since its formation and have used all the leverages at their disposal over the past 40 years to prevent it from succeeding,’ he stressed.

‘But, what happened, in reality, was the growth of the Islamic Republic’s ideology, deepening of the anti-arrogance moves in the region and the world, and the defeat of the moves confronting the Islamic Establishment,’ the IRGC General said.

Shekarchi said that the Arrogance has tried in the past four decades to stop Iran’s anti Arrogance approach through imposing the eight-year war, sanctioning, promoting Iranophobia, and supporting the separatist groups.

He added the current developments in the world show that the US hegemony is broken.

Referring to the soft war against the Islamic Establishment in Iran, he said that whatever method they have used has failed so far.

‘That’s the last method they are using against the Islamic Establishment by capitalizing on the mainstream media they control,’ he said, referring to the soft war waged against Iran.

He also said that the enemy is in the region with two aims: first, to counter Iranian leverage in the region and second, to plunder the regional countries ruled by puppet governments.

‘The US President [Donald Trump] has been able to swindle hundreds of billions of dollars from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and milk them in the past two years,’ he said.

He added that some tend to criticize presence of Iran’s military advisors in Syria, but the experience of the past few years shows that the decision has been right.

‘Iran’s presence in Syria stopped the expansion of insecurity and war into Iran, and helped the resistance movement defeat the US, the fake Zionist regime, the Saudis, the UAE rulers, Daesh, and other Takfiri terrorists.’

He added that the enemy’s confusion and frustration over Iran presence is quite understandable.

Iran has neutralized their conspiracies to create fratricidal and religious wars in order to build a safe margin for Israel, he emphasized.