Tokyo hosts Archaeological Seminar of Japanese Researchers on Iran

MNA – The 18th Annual Archaeological Seminar of Japanese Researchers on Iranian Archaeology was held Sat. in Tokyo, with 80 Japanese researchers and those interested in Iranian history and culture in attendance.

The seminar, held by the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Japan, was attended by some members of the Iran-Japan Cultural Association, the Friendship Association of Ancient Orient Museum in Tokyo, the professors of Tokai and Sugiyama Jogakuen University Universities, a number of archaeological students and a group of Iranian history and culture enthusiasts.

Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Japan Morteza Rahmani at the seminar thanked Professor Otso Tadahiko and his colleagues for their valuable efforts in identifying relations between the ancient civilizations of Iran and Japan.

Rahmani added that “today, we can understand the cultural interactions between Iran and Japan artists and craftsmen via the study of the remains of archaeological discoveries on the Silk Road.”

He argued that archaeological and cultural cooperation provides suitable grounds for the consolidation and further development of bilateral relations in all fields.

Rahmani reminded that next year, we will celebrate and commemorate the 90th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Iran and Japan.