Rouhani: Iran’s victory over US in recent months unprecedented

MNA – President Hassan Rouhani said that the victories which Iran has achieved over the United Sates over the past three months is unprecedented in the history.

Addressing the Iranian Parliament on Saturday in an open session designated to giving vote of confidence to four new proposed ministers, Rouhani highlighted that “what we saw in previous weeks was a commanding victory of Iranian nation over the US plots.”

He went on to say that International Court of Justice (ICJ) interim ruling against the United States on October 3 and the condemnation of the US by Judge Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf, the president of ICJ, on Thursday were among main victories for the Islamic Republic in the international field.

It is a rare incident that the US adopts a measure against a big country and its allies don’t support it, Rouhani said, adding that just one year ago, no one would have believed that European countries will stand with Iran and against the US.

The international community knows Iran as a country which sticks to its commitments and the US has become famous for violating international rules, he added.