IRGC training rocket hits ground with no damage

IRNA – A training rocket hit the ground during training for one of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) units without any damage.

Public relations of IRGC announced, “After a news on a fearsome and unexplained object hit the ground in the desert region of the southern Khorasan Razavi province, the Public Relations of the Revolutionary Guard of the Bajestan said that it was attributed to a rocket which hit the ground during the training sessions for the training on Wednesday morning of one of the IRGC’s units in the eastern part of the country.’

The Public Relations of the Revolutionary Guards Corps of Bajestan, emphasizing that this explosion has not inflicted any damage said, “The training rocket in the desert region near Fakhrabad village from the city of Bajestan has hit the ground and, fortunately, has not caused any casualties. “