Iran’s Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi

15 terrorists arrested in southern borders

 IRNA – Fifteen terrorists, being members of three terrorist teams, were arrested by intelligence forces in southern borders, Iran Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi said.

Alavi made the remarks while visiting Mehran border on Tuesday.

The ringleader of the terrorist team was in Europe and has been supported by neighboring countries, he said.

The group was aimed to conduct sabotage against Arbaeen pilgrims, he added.

During the operation, 15 terrorists were arrested and their plots were foiled, he noted.

The terrorist group had explosives for suicide and sabotage operations, Alavi said.

He went on to say that intelligent forces are ready to suppress all those aiming to perform terrorist acts.

‘We are facing a regional and arrogance coalition against security of the country,’ he said.

Various groups are encouraged and provoked by this coalition, Alavi said, adding that it will make security systems’ work more difficult and sensitive.