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Tehran set for yet another mayor amid reformist infighting

Al-Monitor | : Members of the Tehran City Council will soon be choosing the Iranian capital’s third mayor in less than 18 months. This comes as political infighting between Reformist groups is on the rise, making the public lose hope in the competency of the camp.

Mohammad Ali Najafi, who became mayor after Reformists swept the city council elections in May 2017, resigned March 14 citing health concerns. Najafi was succeeded by Samiollah Hosseini Makarem, who became the caretaker for a month. Makarem was in turn replaced by Mohammad Ali Afshani in May. Now he is also packing his suitcase earlier than expected, though for different reasons.

Afshani, 59, is subject to a newly adopted law that bans the re-employment of retired public employees for governmental positions. The law took force in mid-September after being approved by the Guardian Council. The only exceptions to the re-hiring ban are the heads of the three branches of government (executive, legislative and judicial), first vice president, deputy speakers of parliament, members of the Guardian Council, ministers, legislators and vice presidents.

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