IRGC commanders to visit Pakistan

IRNA — Commander of the Ground Forces of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour and IRGC Commander Major-General Mohammad-Ali Jafari are scheduled to visit Pakistan for investigating liberation of kidnapped border guards.

Referring to the efforts made by the IRGC on releasing Iranian border guards, the IRGC spokesman Brigadier General Ramazan Sharif said the IRGC has made especial and urgent efforts for releasing Iranian kidnapped forces and confronting the terrorists supported by foreign spy organizations since the beginning of the accident.

The IRGC’s commander Major-General Mohammad-Ali Jafari and Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour heading a delegation have been dispatched to Pakistan, he added.

During the trip, Pakpour is supposed to investigate issues related to releasing Iranian border guards and to discuss taking joint and firm measures against terrorism and maintaining sustainable border security with Pakistan military and security officials, he noted.

Fourteen Basij (volunteer forces) and border guard forces were abducted by terrorists in Iran’s Sistan-Baluchestan border with Pakistan on October 15 morning, an informed source said earlier.