Judiciary official underlines importance of awareness against enemies’ plots

IRNA – A senior Iranian judiciary official on Friday emphasized the importance of awareness of the enemies aims.

Tehran Prosecutor General Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi described maintaining insecurity as enemies’ purposes, saying accidents in Ahvaz and Mirjaveh indicates that the US is trying to show an insecure image of Iran.

The US seeks to repeat the defeated plot of the Soviet Union collapse in Iran and to compare situation in Iran with that of the Soviet Union, he added.

The US thinks that by imposing economic pressures, it can get Iran surrendered, he noted.

He also pointed to efforts made to stop Iran nuclear and missile programs as another strategy taken by enemies.

The US Secretary of State has recently accused Iran of violating human rights and supporting terrorism to change the public opinion against Iran, he said.

Enemy is after waging a psychological war against Iran by supporting terrorists and interfering in internal affairs of regional countries, Dolatabadi reiterated.

The US is seeking to stop Iran oil sale to get it surrendered, he said.