Film festival reacts to Israeli prime minister’s false statements about Iran

Tasnim – Ammar International Popular Film Festival held a press conference in Turquzabad village, where the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, alleged as Iran’s secret nuclear warehouse at the recent UN General Assembly session in September.

The ninth annual press conference of Ammar Popular Film Festival was held at the family house of an Iranian martyr in Turquzabad village, south of Tehran. Photos of the village were previously demonstrated by the Israeli Prime Minister at the 2019 UN General Assembly session where he claimed was the location of Iran’s secret nuclear facilities.

Referring to Netanyahu’s allegations against Iran at the UN General Assembly, the film festival’s secretary, Nader Talebzadeh said, “Netanyahu is accustomed to falsification and lies; however, we are as well responsible to expose those lies.”

“The biggest lie revolves around the 9/11 attacks,” Talebzadeh said. “US Government’s false claims about its plotters are uncovered as more artistic works are made about the subject. Netanyahu’s lies about the village, Turquzabad, is similar to the 9/11 lies.”

The head of the policy-making council of the festival, Vahid Jalili, said, “The Ammar Film Festival show center was hit by Zionist airstrikes in Palestine’s Gaza last year; however our friends in Gaza have stated that they are determined to hold more spectacular screenings this year. Ammar Festival films will also be shown in Syria, this year.”

“Our sources of power are the martyr families,” Jalili added. “Wherever there is a martyr house, that place is a source of power and resistance against world tyrants and arrogance.”

Addressing the Israeli PM, Jalili said, “Mr. Netanyahu! This is Iran’s Turquzabad village. We have arrived at this often-neglected village so that you can witness the fact that Iran’s centrifuges are the country’s martyr mothers and families. They are the true sources who add to the country’s power.”

“This press conference is another witness to Iran’s support for the Palestinian nation,” he added. “Perhaps we will see the photos of this press conference in the hands of the child-murderer regime’s Prime Minister at the next year’s UN General Assembly session.”

Mahdi Parizadeh, a member of the Turquazabad Village Council said, “On the behalf of the Turquazabad residents and martyr families, I would like to announce that from this year onwards, a precious hand-woven Persian rug, made by the Turquazabad villagers, will be awarded to the winners of Ammar Popular Film Festival’s “Death to America” selection, which revolves around anti-imperialistic films.”

At the end of the press conference, a number of journalists and Ammar Film Festival directors visited the carpet cleaning facility whose photos were demonstrated at the UN General Assembly session by Netanyahu.

Ammar Film Festival is held annually on December 30 in different parts of Iran, in commemoration of 2009 pro-government demonstrations on the same day.

یک جشنواره سینمایی به دروغگویی نخست وزیر اسرائیل
یک جشنواره سینمایی به دروغگویی نخست وزیر اسرائیل