Leader’s advisor: US’ unilateralism on JCPOA to fail

IRNA — Senior Advisor to Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi said on Monday that the US’ unilateralism in leaving the JCPOA and slapping economic sanctions on Iran are doomed to failure.

Addressing a group of the IRGC forces in Isfahan, he said by 2035 the US will not be global superpower any longer.

The triumph of the Islamic revolution and the country’s sacred defense have created a very remarkable problem for the US, he said.

They know that the Islam which has been publicized by Saudi Arabia cannot be regarded as an exemplary model for the Islamic Ummah, he said.

The US along with its western allies tried to mislead line hardliners in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq but to no avail, Safavi said.

In the meantime, China has targeted the year 2025 to dominate world economy which has irritated the US president, he said.

The Americans in their national road map, signed in 2012, has stipulated that they are going to move their military power to southeast of Asia, Pacific Ocean and China Sea to control China’s economic power, he said.

The Islamic Republic of Iran should consider expansion of relations with its 15 neighboring states as a golden opportunity, Safavi said.