Head of Supreme Council of Iraq: We oppose anti-Iran sanctions

IRNA – Head of Supreme Council of Iraq Sheikh Hamoudi has emphasized his Council opposes the US sanctions targetting the Islamic Republic of Iran and other countries of the world, while inviting everyone to dialogue and consultation to resolve disputes.

Addressing the ceremony to mark the establishment of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sheikh Hamoudi said, ‘Iraq should play a pivotal role in the peace and security of the region and cooperation among its countries.’

Emphasizing the support of the Iraqi people for his Palestinian brothers, he condemned the Zionist regime’s threats against the bombing of Iraqi soil and said, ‘Our nation is capable of defending its soil and land.’

Sheikh Hamoudi pointed out that Iraq is trying to establish a balanced relationship with the countries of the region and the international arena.

In another part of his remarks, the Head of the Supreme Council of Iraq called on all national forces to fully reassess intellectual, political and organizational process, emphasizing that the future government should be a government for the Iraqi people, not political parties.

Hamoudi set out the new Iraqi government to adhere to five priority plans for combating administrative and financial corruption in Iraq, not considering party quotas for state offices, a serious effort to support national production, and responsibility for educating young people, and supporting and enable women to participate in professional and scientific fields.