Iran to hopefully win in economic war

IRNA – Secretary of Iran’s Expediency Council Mohsen Rezayee voiced his confidence that the economic war orchestrated by the enemy will be overcome soon.

Rezayee went on to say on Sunday that all groups and sectors of the country have a responsibility which is winning win the economic war.

‘On the path to overcome the economic war of the enemy, the statesmen should have the morale, hope and motivation,’ he added.

Rezayee emphasized on the privatization of the country’s economy, and said, ‘The government must empower people if they want to win the economic war.

He called for a modeling of the years of imposed war in this regard, and noted, ‘We have elite youth and we have to use this great capacity in various fields, especially economics, and universities, seminaries and Basij should facilitate this matter.’

Rezayee pointed out that the seminaries have very high responsibilities in explaining the position of production and culture in saving and encouraging people to work.

The secretary of the Expediency Council stated that the imposed war was a global alliance against Iran, saying that during this war, Iran had entered a war with minimum manpower and limited equipment, but it managed to rely on faith in God and the popular force to win.