Enemy fueling economic war against Iran via cyberspace

IRNA – A senior military advisor said that the sworn enemies of the system from the past twenty years ago have equipped themselves with their economic armies to wage war against the Iranian people and today they are using cyberspace to foster it.

The adviser of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) commander Brigadier General Morteza Qorbani said Saturday that the enemy had always failed to confront the Iranian nation in the hard war so use soft war against Iran.

‘The enemies of Islam during the eight years of the Holy Defense, using the capabilities of 44 countries and the use of the forces of 13 countries, failed to confront the Iranian nation, and today, thanks to the grace of Allah Almighty, there is no resistance against Islamic Iran,’ he added.

Qorbani noted, ‘In the eight-year-old war, only Saddam was apparently attacking Iran, but originally, the Arab, Western, and East countries supported him with all their mechanized power to make his lunch in Khorramshahr and his dinner in Ahvaz and capture Tehran in a week.’

Advisor to the the Revolutionary Guard Corps commander said, ‘The people of Khorramshahr, with the command of the Imam, stood empty-handed against the invasion of the enemy and defeated the enemy who in his imagination was victorious in battle with the military equations.’

Referring to recent statements by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei in an address to a crowd of 100,000 Basijis at Azadi Stadium in Tehran, he said that US president Donald Trump still did not know the nation of Iran, he is not in the position to threaten the great people and the holy system of the Islamic Republic.