UNSC showing US’ lack of logic: Iran 1st VP

IRNA – The United Nations Security Council’s this year session, presided by the US’ president, showed how oppressed Iran is and how illogical the US is, said the Vice-President of Iran on Tuesday.

’14 members of the UNSC talked about Iran’s righteousness and the US lack of logic and non-commitment,’ said Eshaq Jahangiri.

‘The scene suffices to show what stance we have in the region,’ Jahangiri said.

Saying that the 73rd UN General Assembly was an example of clash between Iran and the US, he added, ‘President Hassan Rouhani tried to react to the situation that the US President [Donald Trump] has created with regards to the Iranian civilization and culture of Iran.’

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani made a speech in the UNGA on September 25.

‘He introduced Iran as a logical and powerful country for the public opinion to judge.’

Referring to the problems in Iran, he said that some of them have their root inside Iran and some are the result of the US’ sanctions.

He added that it doesn’t mean that the country is in an impasse, but the US, as a bully, has started a new set of economic, political and media pressures on Iran.