Iran sympathizes with storm victims in US, China, Philippine

IRNA – Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman on Tuesday extended condolences to victims of storm in the US, China and the Philippine.

Bahram Qasemi in a statement expressed sympathy for the bereaved families of the victims of devastating Florence Hurricane, which hit the North Carolina in the US.

The death toll from Florence has risen to at least 31, with 24 deaths confirmed in North Carolina, the dispatches reported.

In the meantime, the Iranian spokesman also sympathized with the bereaved families of the victims of China and Philippines Typhoon Mangkhut which caused serious damage to people’s properties and claimed the lives of tens of people.

The violent storm killed four in China’s southern Province of Guangdong and the toll rose on Tuesday to 74 on the Philippines’ northern Luzon Island according to police, with that number expected to raise, dispatches reported.