Tehran summit aimed at resolving Syrian crisis: Turkey

IRNA- Turkey’s representative to the United Nations said Tehran summit sought to advance the political process for Syria, establish a Syrian constitutional committee and pave the way for fair elections.

The UN Security Council meeting was held on Tuesday at Russia’s request to submit a report on the results of Iran-Russia-Turkey recent summit in Tehran.

Feridun Hadi Sinirlioǧlu, Turkey’s representative to the UN said the presidents of the three countries discussed the Idlib issue which was the most crucial subject in Tehran summit.

The escalation of military operations in Idlib threatens security in Turkey and Europe, he went on to say.

Sinirlioǧlu stated the Syrian government aims at justifying the attacks on Idlib as a fight against terrorism; however, in current complex situation in Idlib, traditional ways to fight terrorism will not come to fruition.

Noting that assaults on Idlib would only be for the benefit of terrorists, he stated such measures would inflict more pain on Syrians and would push further Syrians toward extremism.

Only a real ceasefire can prepare the ground for creating the right environment to fight terrorists, Sinirlioǧlu opined.

He said civilians and moderate opposition groups should be given guarantees that they would not be the target of the Syrian government’s attacks, and that the terrorist groups should be separated from the armed opposition groups.

The presidents of Iran, Russia and Turkey gathered in Tehran on September 7 and reaffirmed their commitment to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria, as well as the principles of the UN Charter.