Iran's Reshadat oil field

No stop in Iran oil production, exports under sanctions: MP

SHANA – A member of the Iranian parliament said, “During eight years of the imposed war, we managed to export our oil in any way, and oil production never stopped; in the current situation, and with the imposition of sanctions, our oil will be produced and exported, as well”.

“The US says it will bring to zero Iran’s oil exports, which is not possible,” Abdolhamid Khedri said, adding, “During eight years of imposed war, we managed to export and produce our oil, and will be able to continue our oil production and export under the current circumstances.”

The member of the Energy Committee of the Parliament, saying that the continuation of oil exports is a symbol of the victory of the Iranian nation against US sanctions, said: “With the planning and management of the Ministry of Petroleum, we will witness this success and prove that the US claim to stop Iran’s oil exports is ludicrous.”

Meanwhile, Hossein Amiri Khamkani, vice president of the Energy Committee of the Parliament said, ” Iran, with diplomacy, will continue exporting crude oil to world markets, and no doubt there will be no problem selling the black gold for the country.”

He said the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) cannot replace Iran with any other members, saying global oil customers are aware that Iran’s absence will quickly influence the market and push the prices in an unprecedented manner, boosting oil purchasers’ costs.

The MP further said that Iran has been targeted by sanctions for years and has always managed to sell its oil because the country enjoys customers that need its oil.