Parliament rescinds education minister impeachment

MNA – A member of the Iranian Parliament’s presiding board announced that the 20 signatories of the education minister impeachment bill are revoking their signatures to rescind the impeachment.

“The MPs who signed the impeachment bill against the Iranian Minister of Education, Seyyed Mohammad Bat’haei, are now drafting a letter to revoke their signatures and rescind the bill,” MP Ahmad Amirabadi broke the news on Sunday.

The Iranian legislator who is representing the Constituency of Qom in the parliament is also a member of the parliament’s presiding board.

The law maker added that the main reason for the new decision has been the advent of the new school year.

The bill proposing the articles of impeachment against education minister was submitted to the Iranian Parliament’s presiding board just a couple of days earlier on Wednesday.

The bill was signed by 20 Members of Parliament and according to article 225 of the internal regulations of the Parliament.

The curb in allocations for the education ministry, decrease in the allocations for renovating and reconstructing old schools, undermining the efficacy of Farhangian University with hiring servicemen, forgery of some content in course books, untimely involvement of Farhangian University in election campaigns, lack of abidance by the plans promised on the day of wining the confidence vote from the parliament, negligence toward local languages, irresponsible behavior about some accidents at some schools and mismanaging some other schools were the main areas of impeachment articles.

These areas of concern had already been discussed in a meeting of the Iranian Parliament’s commission for education and research with the education minister but the commission was not convinced with the answers offered by the minister.

According to an earlier announcement of the presiding board, the impeachment was slated to be held on Tuesday.