Iran underlines importance of complying with fighting narcotics

IRNA – Iran’s envoy to Vienna-based international bodies stressed the importance of being committed to confronting illegal drugs.

Kazem Gharibabadi made the remarks Sunday in a meeting with Mexico’s dynamic Consul General and head of UN narcotics commission, Alicia Buenrostro-Massieu.

Referring to the special geographical situation of Iran which is located in the neighborhood of one of the biggest narcotics producers in the world, Gharibabadi called for paying serious attention to the principled positions of those countries which are pioneer in fighting narcotics.

Iran has so far spent a lot for fighting illegal drugs, most of which were related to preventing transit of drugs, he added.

Pointing to prevention and treatment as two main pillars of Iran’s policy in fighting narcotics, he said fighting is still regarded as the most important factor.

Iran is against any measure taken to weaken the principle of fighting in international instruments, Gharibabadi said.

Elsewhere in his remarks Iranian envoy referred to the importance of maintaining international cooperation in fighting narcotics.

Any solution to this issue should be balanced and comprehensive, he reiterated.

Buenrostro-Massieu, for her part, said she understands Iran’s situation since Mexico is also located near one of the biggest producers of narcotics and is suffering the same problem.

Mexican government has recently shifted its approach from fighting narcotics distribution to controlling demands, she added.

She also underscored finding a comprehensive solution as regard narcotics which has brought concerns for different countries.