Iran to unveil domestic S300 missile system

IRNA – Iran Deputy Defense Minister for international affairs announced that the domestic version of S300 missile system called ‘Bavar 373’ which has been designed and implemented will be unveiled by the end of the current Iranian year, (March 20, 2019).

Brigadier Mohammad Ahadi made the remarks the city of Tabriz on Friday.

Iran’s investment on its defense is the least compared with the regional countries, he said, adding that it is not comparable with a country like the United Arab Emirates, (UAE).

Saudi Arabia ranks third in the world as regard defensive and military expenses, but Iran having the least investment in the region has provided security in the region.

Ahadi stressed the fact that enjoying independence has its requirements such as self-sufficiency.

He also referred to military and economic power as two important factors in providing national security.

Commenting on the reason why the enemy has targeted Iran missile power, Ahadi said this military technology provides us with strategic defense power.