Hakim: US moves defy int’l resolve

IRNA – Head of the Iraqi National Alliance Seyyed Ammar al-Hakim said on Thursday that US anti-Iran moves is defiance of international resolve, commitments and signed agreements.

In a meeting with Iran’s Ambassador in Baghdad Iraj Masjedi, Hakim stressed that intensifying tensions will not benefit regional states.

“We again invite conflicting sides to negotiating table and avoid using language of force and economic sanctions” he said.

Stressing the need for dialogues as a means to leave behind crises, he added that boosting Iran-Iraq ties is of high significance and in line with the two countries’ mutual interests.

This is the third time that Hakim criticizes US economic sanctions on Iran over the past week.

In a statement on Wednesday, he underlined that economic sanctions will further complicate the situation and adversely affect the Iranian and regional nations.

He called for avoiding policies which heighten tensions and push nations to famine, stressing the need for what he called serious and fruitful dialogue between Iran and US.