Iran envoy stresses G77 role in acting against US unilateralism

MNA – Iran’s permanent envoy to Vienna-based intl. organizations highlighted the effective role of Group of 77 in countering unilateral coercive measures and promoting multilateralism.

Iranian envoy Kazem Gharibabadi made the remark in a meeting with his counterpart from Ecuador, which holds the rotating presidency of Group of 77 at the United Nations – a coalition of developing nations with an aim to promote its members’ collective economic interests.

During the meeting, Gharibabadi voiced Iran’s readiness to expand cooperation with G77 for actualization of the coalition’s objectives, and stressed the role of G77 in guiding the activities of international organizations, particularly the IAEA, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (INIDO), and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), in line with the interests of developing nations, aimed at creating a balance in the decision-making process of these organizations.

The Iranian envoy then censured the US President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal, saying “the Trump administration is seeking to impose unilateralism and mount a serious confrontation with multilateralism through withdrawing from international agreements, including the JCPOA.”

He went on to add, “fortunately, the US has remained completely isolated in following this policy, and the international community has sided with Iran in challenging US’ unilateral measures.”

For his part, the Permanent Representative of Ecuador to the United Nations (Vienna), Carlos Alberto Jativa Naranjo, voiced support to the Iran nuclear deal as well as the Islamic Republic’s measures within the framework of cooperation with the IAEA, expressing hope that the nuclear accord would be implemented fully by all sides to the agreement.