Int’l lawyer urges US to stop using duress in negotiations

IRNA – The prominent law expert from Geneva’s Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies urged the US to ban duress in treaty negotiations.

President Donald Trump said Monday he is willing to meet with Iran’s leadership, without preconditions, ‘whenever they want’.

‘I would certainly meet with Iran if they wanted to meet,’ Trump was quoted by CNN as saying.

‘No preconditions,’ he added. ‘They want to meet, I’ll meet, whenever they want.’

Reza Nasri in a Wednesday Twitter message elaborated on Iran’s legitimate ‘legal’ pre-conditions for the US in order to engage in negotiations as follows:

1-@SecPompeo has said that an eventual new deal with Iran would be submitted to the Senate as a ‘treaty’. If the US is indeed looking for a treaty, it should abide by the rules governing Int’l treaties. One such rule is the ‘Prohibition of the Use of Duress in Treaty Negotiations’.

2- In other words, if @realDonaldTrump is serious about negotiating again, he should convince Iran that the US establishment is capable of operating within the strictures of the international law, including norms governing treaty negotiation.

3- Dropping threats, pressures, sanctions and duress would be the first step in that direction.

4- Renouncing duress and the so-called ‘maximum pressure’ policy is not to be considered a ‘political pre-condition’ set by Iran in order to accept #Trump’s offer to talk. It’s the ‘minimum legal requirement’ for any two states to engage in talks.

5- Such step would be consistent with the international community’s expectations which on record:

6- ‘solemnly condemns the threat or use of pressure in any form, whether military, political, or economic, by any State in order to coerce another State to perform any act relating to the conclusion of a treaty in violation of the principles of the sovereign equality of States and freedom of consent’.