Russia: No one can force Iran to leave Syria

IRNA – Russian Ambassador in Tel Aviv Anatoly Viktorov said Monday night ‘We cannot force Iran to leave Syria.’

In an interview with Channel 10 of the Zionist regime’s TV network, Viktorov said the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’ frequent demands for exit of Iranian forces and their allies from Syria are ‘unrealistic’.

He argued that Iranians were playing a key role in line with joint efforts to eradicate terrorism in Syria and for this reason Tel Aviv’s demand for exist of foreign forces from Syria at the present juncture is unrealistic.

Viktorov made it clear that Iran’s military presence in Syria is quite legal and in consistent with the UN regulations and principles.

In response to a question on Moscow’s stance on the Zionist regime’s air raids on Damascus, the Russian envoy said Moscow is opposed to any use of force by Israel but it cannot convince Tel Aviv how to behave because the issue had nothing to do with Russia.

Following liberation of vast parts of southern Syria bordering the occupied Golan heights, the Zionist regime targeted positions of Syrian army and resistance forces on the Syrian soil several times in support of the terrorist groups.