Legislator urges FM for serious follow-up on Mina

MNA – Spokesman for Iranian Parliament National Security Commission Naghavi Hosseini urged Iranian Foreign Ministry to seriously follow up fact-finding committee on Mina tragedy.

He pointed to the dispatching of Iranian pilgrims to perform hajj rituals, saying “it is for three years that Mina tragedy has remained intact without any investigation of the case.”

Like previous years, suitable grounds have been paved for Iranians to attend the world’s most prestigious religious gathering in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

He called on officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to follow up the Mina case which does not have any incompatibility with organizing hajj rituals.

Foreign Ministry and Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization are responsible bodies for following up the case precisely, he maintained.

Turning to the special emphasis of the Leader of Islamic Revolution to set up a ‘Fact-Finding Committee on Mina’, he said, “from the beginning of the incident, Al-Saud did not accept the responsibility for the tragedy, so that a committee of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) should study various aspects of the case in order to deal with perpetrators of the incident.”