German min. claims Iran cyber attacks on rise!

MNA – German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer presented a domestic intelligence agency report on Tuesday, claiming that “cyber-attacks from Iran on Germany have been on the rise since 2014.”

The report, released on Tuesday by the domestic intelligence service (BfV), claims that “numbers of cyber attacks with a likely origin in Iran had been rising since 2014, with a sharp increase last year,” Reuters reported.

In response to the alleged report, which highlighted cyber-attacks by Iran, Russia and China, Seehofer said the agency needed to acquire the power not just to track and clean up cyber-attacks but also to launch counter-measures.

The agency also reported that the volume of cyber-attacks from China had seemingly dwindled as the number of acquisitions of German high-tech companies by Chinese firms had risen.

Iranian officials have not yet responded to the claims by the German interior minister.