Verdicts on 330 rioters in Pasdaran incident announced: Tehran prosecutor

IRNA – A court in Tehran has ruled that 330 people were guilty in the street riots which happened in the north of the capital in February, said a judiciary official on Tuesday.

25 people who abstained from the court were also found guilty by the judge, said Tehran prosecutor general Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi.

The February riots in the Golestan Street in northern Tehran district of Pasdaran led to the death of five people, including three policemen and two Basij (voluntary) forces.

Mohammad Salas, who had driven a bus into security forces, received death sentence on March 19 after several court sessions; he was hanged in Tehran on June 18 .

In a separate attack on the same day, one member of the Basij force was run over and killed, while another was stabbed to death.

Police spokesperson said 30 policemen were injured and many public and private properties were destroyed in the riot.

The security forces were trying to quell the disturbance involving Gonabadi dervishes, a Sufi community in Iran.

The dervishes were protesting the arrest of members of the sect, as well as reacting to rumors that their 90-year-old leader would soon be detained by police, despite assurances by the authorities that they had no such intention.