Leaving Syria with no concession sounds illogical

IRNA – Former and the first IRGC Navy Commander Hossein Alaei said on Monday that it sounds illogical for the Islamic Republic of Iran to leave Syria without getting any concession.

If it has been agreed that there will be no foreign country in Syria, then no foreign government should stay there, he said in an exclusive interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

It is not possible that countries such as the US, Turkey and some other Arab countries could stay in Syria without any authorization letter from the Syrian government, but those having such authorization are forced to pull out, Alaei added.

He said that the US should observe Iran’s legal rights in the region.

It seems that they are going to urge Iran to pay high price for its military advisory in Syria which should be analyzed, Alaei further added.

All governments should recognize Syrian government and let nationwide elections to be held in the country in due time and let people make decision about their fate and leave their country, he added.

There is no doubt that officials should have a cost-effect analysis on such developments, he said, adding that on early days of war in Syria I underlined that Iran should not put all its eggs in the basket of Syrian president.