Bidboland gas refinery output up 11% Y/Y

SHANA — The CEO of Bidboland Gas Refinery said the plant’s productivity rose by at least 11 percent in the previous calendar year (ended on March 20) compared to the preceding year.

According to the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC), the company received 6.7 billion cubic meters of sour gas during the calendar year of 1396 (ended on March 20), up 10.7 percent from the preceding year.

Ali Mohammad Pourreza said the gas was supplied from the supergiant South Pars, Aghar and Aghajari fields.

He added that by launching and operating a three-phase separation project in 1396, with the aim of increasing productivity and preventing environmental pollution, it was possible to recycle 24,000 liters of distilled water on a daily basis, to prevent the burning of 2 million cubic meters of gas, and to recover about one million liters of quality gas condensate at the facility in the calendar year of 1396.

The refinery contributes to nearly 5 percent of the country’s gas production, Mr. Pourreza said, adding the gas is primarily consumed in the southwestern province of Khuzestan.

The refinery is built for a daily production of 48 mcm of suit and refined methane for injection to the national gas distribution network, 1.5 million tons of ethane, 1.5 million tons of liquefied gas including propane and butane.