US threats not included in Europe’s proposals: MP

IRNA – The Europeans’ proposals are not a solution to confront President Trump’s and the US administration’s time-killing and threats, a senior Iranian MP said, adding that the concern has been posed by the country’s officials.

‘The Europeans have three reservations in their proposals; the first is the US, and this is despite their economic differences with the US; the second is about the European firms and banks, as they have tried not to interrupt the freedom of action and profit-oriented approach of the enterprises, Head of Parliament (Majlis) National Security and Foreign Policy Committee Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh said commenting on the remarks by Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif on the proposals of Europeans for saving the nuclear deal.

‘The third reservation is the nuclear deal and Iran,’ the lawmaker said, adding that its is unfortunately their least priority.

Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council (the US, France, Britain, China, and Russia) plus Germany signed the nuclear deal in 2015. Iran accepted to curb its nuclear program in exchange of economic sanctions relief.

US President Donald Trump withdrew from the deal in May, calling it the worst deal ever.

‘It was expected that following a series of meetings with the 28 European countries the third reservation would be prioritized, but the JCPOA and Iran are ranked as their third reservation,’ Falahatpisheh told Islamic Republic News Agency.

There are two serious pitfalls in the Europeans’ proposals which are quantity and ignorance of time, he said, adding that Iran due to its meticulous examination when ratifying the deal cannot accept it suffering from generalization and time killing.

He also noted that the commission in Iran’s Parliament should prepare a report on the implementation of the nuclear deal, as well as assessing if the concessions given and the benefits taken from the deal are in accordance with Iran’s national interests.

The report will have two new, but very serious aspects: the damage caused by the US withdrawal and the effects of the European proposals on it, he said.

They should assess ‘if the deal can still survive as a strong regime with the artificial respiration of the Europeans’, he said.

Zarif said that following the joint commission meeting of the nuclear deal on Friday the proposals were not sufficient or precise.