FM Zarif says there is political resolve to preserve JCPOA

IRNA – Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Friday he believed there is political resolve for maintenance of Iran nuclear deal – known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Zarif, who was speaking to reporters after a joint meeting of Iran and G4+1 countries, said however, ‘We have to wait and see what would happen in practice.’

‘We wait to see whether the other sides to the deal would implement the points we discussed and agreed upon today which have been included in the statement of the joint commission,’ Zarif said.

Asked whether the proposed package is enforceable, the foreign minister said: ‘In our opinion, it was neither enough nor accurate. Some points that were missed in the executive package, were raised today in the statement and the negotiating parties are politically and legally obliged to put into practice the remaining points in the executive package.’

On when the package would become finalized, Zarif said: ‘The package is nearly finalized and the commitments are clear. It only needs to become operational.’

Putting the package into practice would be gradual, the foreign minister said, however adding that some of the actions may be time-consuming.

‘What is the matter is the sense of confidence and trust in the future for the global trade community and the trade community within Iran. I hope the Iranian people and the entrepreneurs in particular, would move with confidence in the future.’

Zarif hailed today’s meeting as a ‘very serious and constructive’ effort by all the remaining parties to the deal after the illegal US exit from the accord, to guarantee Iran’s economic benefits from the JCPOA in the absence of the United States.

Iran is entitled to take the necessary actions envisaged in the deal in response to the US big violation, the foreign minister said, adding, Tehran has delayed such actions upon requests by other parties so that it makes sure the interests of the Iranian nation are met.

‘In the first phase, we will give them the chance to put their commitments into practice. Today they explained for us how they will translate them into action…We are also considering our own actions so that if they fail to put their commitments into practice, we will take action.’

The Iranian foreign minister said he got to learn from today’s commission meeting in Vienna that all the parties to the deal – at least three of them that are close allies of the US – are resolved to stand against Washington.

‘Today we are sure that the rest of the world is not standing by the US in exerting pressure on Iran. Rather they have stood up to the United States.’