Bahram Qassemi

Spokesman: MKO scenario aiming to ruin Iran- EU ties

 IRNA – Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi said on Tuesday that baseless scenario for Iranian diplomat’s interference in one of the European countries has been plotted to ruin Iran-Europe relations at such sensitive and important juncture.

According to a report of Foreign Ministry Media Department, Qasemi responding to a question of reporters concerning claim of interference of an Iranian diplomat in an illegal action in one of the European countries said that MKO terrorist group after fiasco of its annual meeting and in a bid to compensate its failure in achieving political support in direction of its inhuman and anti-Iran goals.

He said that this plot is much evident given to successful visit of President Rouhani to two European states.

‘As Iran repeatedly declared it considers every kind of violence and terrorist act in anywhere in the world with any form as doomed,’ the Iranian foreign ministry spokesman added.

Qasemi said that as per existing information the detained people in Belgium are known members of that terrorist group and Iran’s concerned officials are ready to offer necessary documents to clarify the reality of pre-plotted scenario of the group.

Prosecutor general of Belgium declared on Saturday (June 30) that a Belgian couple with Iranian descent named ‘Amir-S’, 38 years, and ‘Nasimeh –N’, 33 years, have been arrested by the Belgian police for planning an attack on MKO gathering in France.

An Iranian diplomat residing in Austria who has been claimed was in connection with the couple has been arrested by German officials and another person was arrested in France on the same charges.