Iran urges Malaysia to adopt more balanced policy towards regional crises

IFP – Hossein Jaberi Ansari, a senior assistant to the Iranian foreign minister, has called on Malaysia to adopt a more balanced approach towards the ongoing developments in the Middle East.

In a Tuesday meeting with Deputy Secretary General of Malaysian Foreign Ministry Dato’ Zainol Abidin in Tehran, Jaberi Ansari congratulated him on the recent parliamentary elections held in the country and the new Malaysian government led by Mahathir Mohamad starting its work.

The senior Iranian official elaborated on the trend of developments in the West Asia and North Africa as well as on Iran’s policies on the settlement of crises in those regions.

He also stressed Iran’s preparedness to boost cooperation between the two countries in different areas, including the resolution of regional crises.

The senior assistant to the Iranian foreign minister also touched upon the status of Malaysia and the prominent character of Mahathir Mohamad, saying Iran expects to see a balanced policy by Malaysia on the regional developments and crises.

The Malaysian official, in turn, highlighted the necessity of enhancing relations and partnership between the two countries on different fronts, saying Kuala Lumpur seeks to adopt a balanced and constructive approach vis-à-vis the ongoing crises in the Middle East.