MPs urge President Rouhani to reshuffle economic team

 IRNA – Iranian lawmakers in a letter on Wednesday urged President Hassan Rouhani to reshuffle his cabinet’s economic team before the parliament takes any action.

In a letter, which was read out in Parliament’s open session, 187 Iranian legislators wrote that the country’s current economic situation requires the three branches of power to take a great deal of effort to reinforce the Islamic Republic System and diminish the economic pressures on people.

Pointing to Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei’s support from the Iranian government to overcome the country’s economic challenges, the MP asked President Rouhani to appreciate the move and foster the people’s trust to the framework of the country executive system.

In a meantime, the request, signed by 23 lawmakers, to impeach Interior Minister Abdolreza Ramhani Fazli was also submitted to the Parliament presiding board on Wednesday.