Talks with US ‘useless’: Larijani

MNA– Referring to some letters and proposals for starting negotiation with US, Iranian Parliament Speaker asked that what is the benefit of talking when US easily withdraws from an international pact.

Making the remarks on the national judiciary congress on Tuesday in Tehran, Larijani highlighted that these proposals stems from raw analyses of current circumstances.

Iran reached an agreement with US and European countries, he said, framing, “who did break the contract and pull out of it?”

Some individuals say that Iran should talk with the person who have withdrawn US from Paris Agreement and Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), he said, adding, “no political competency can be seen in this individual [Donald Trump].”

Everyone should understand that the main aim of terrorist groups, which are established by US and some other countries, was Iran, he highlighted.

They wanted to disturb the country’s security, however, Iran prevented any such acts, he added.