Iran defense minister: US aiming to disrupt geographical borders in region

IRNA – Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami said on Thursday that the US is aiming to permute the geographical borders of the region.

Speaking during Iran’s 13th Geographical Conference, the minister warned regional countries not to be satisfied with the transient interests promised by the United States.

Lots of cost have been paid, much blood has been shed and many wars have occurred so that the present borders have been formed, Hatami said, adding that any disruption in regional borders would result in another 100 years of conflict in the region.

He noted that the enemies’ efforts to target Iran’s missile defense capabilities are actually in line with paving the way for altering the borders.

Hatami said that another plot by the enemies is to exhaust Iran geopolitically, and to distance main energy lines from Iran in an artificial way by spending a lot of money.

He, however, noted that such plans would not bring about security to the region.