One Asiatic cheetah spotted in Qasr-e Shirin

MNA – Acting Governor of Qasr-e Shirin in Kermanshah province said an Asiatic cheetah has been spotted by Army forces stationed in the County on Saturday.

Moradali Tatar said army forces stationed in the area reported on Saturday the sighting of an Asiatic Cheetah in Hedayat village near Tangeh Hammam in Qasr-e Shirin County in west of Iran.

He added that necessary coordination has been made with the area’s department of environmental protection, and trap cameras will be soon installed in Hedayat village in order to capture footage of this endangered species.

He said the sighting of an Asiatic Cheetah will increase the significance of Qasr-e Shirin both nationally and internationally.

Back in March, four Asiatic cheetahs were sighted in Touran Biosphere Reserve in Shahroud, Semnan Province.