Carlos Queiroz: Iran’s Nat’l football team to file complaint against Nike at FIFA

FNA- Iran’s National Football Team Head Coach Carlos Queiroz underlined he will in a letter complain against the Nike at the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) for the company’s ban on the supply of its products to Iranian footballers on the eve of the 2018 World Cup.

“The football players get used to their sports equipment and it is not correct to change their habits in the last week before the 2018 World Cup,” Queiroz said.

“We ask FIFA to help us on this issue,” he added, complaining that the move is an insult to Iran.

Nike has contracts with several Iranian players.

Following the return of the US sanctions on Iran, sports producer Nike announced that it has banned the supply and use of its products by Iran’s national team players.

According to the report by New York Times on Friday, none of the country’s players will wear Nike shoes while Adidas provides the jerseys of the team.

Iran is facing new US sanctions after Donald Trump pulled out of an international nuclear deal.

As the company expected, 60% of the players at the World Cup will use Nike boots, including almost half the German and Spanish team and three-quarters of the Russians, even though they will be wearing Adidas shirts.

Nike is outrun by Adidas for the share of jersey deals in the World Cup while it has deals with ten national teams and Adidas supporting twelve.