Iranian parliament speaker’s race; Aref, Larijani, Hajibabaie to vie for best seat

MNA – Approaching the time of Iranian parliament mid-term internal election, different fractions lobby to push forward their desired MP for the post of Iranian parliament speaker.

Omid Fraction in Iranian Parliament announced that it has decided to support MP Mohammad Reza Aref in the race for the job of Iranian parliament speaker.

The members of Omid Fraction held a meeting on Tuesday morning and collected votes to decide about their nominees.

Mohammad Reza Aref was picked with the vote of the majority to vie for the best seat of the parliament. Also the members of Omid Fraction elected Ali Motahhari and Masoud Pezeshkian as the nominees of the fraction for the best of the deputy speaker.

Mohammad Ali Vakili from the constituency of Tehran, Abdolkarim Hosseinzadeh from the constituency of Naqadeh, and Ali Asghar Yousefnejad from the constituency of Sari will be the nominees if the fraction for the post of parliament secretary.

Parvaneh Salahshouri and Seyyed Farid Mousavi from the constituency of Tehran as well as Hassan Lotfi from the constituency of Razan won the approval to vie for the post of supervisors.

On the other hand, Velaie Fraction of the parliament picked Hamid Reza Hajibabaei as their nominee for the best seat of the parliament.

The Fraction of Independent MPs picked the incumbent Speaker Ali Larijani as their nominee for the best seat.