Iranian cuisine on NY Times what-to- cook list

IRNA – The food editor at the New York Times in the ‘What to cook this week’ section of the American daily offered food lovers a Persian cuisine Iranians call ‘tahdig’.

Sam Sifton in his piece, quoting a letter by a reader, described tahdig as ‘the crisp and golden crust at the bottom of a pot of Persian rice.’

‘It’s similar to the crust that shows up when you make paella correctly — Valencians call it socarrat,’ Sifton wrote.

Iranian moms could make tahdig out of lots of things, not just rice. They use flour tortillas for bread tahdig and sauce-soaked pasta for spaghetti tahdig, he wrote citing the letter written for the Times this weekend.

He went on to offer the readers and food lovers to use a fine new recipe for making pasta tahdig, the delicious-looking image of which accompanied his writing.

‘I think you should make for dinner tonight. (You’ll need a tomato sauce before you start to crisp.),’ he said, offering everybody to use the recipe for Sunday.

Persian cuisine is one of the world’s great gastronomies, flourishing for centuries across an area that, at the height of the ancient Persian Empire (circa 550 to 330 B.C.), included modern-day Iran, along with parts of Iraq, Macedonia, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Central Asia.