Caspian Sea

Tehran to host Caspian Sea safety conference

IRNA – The 3rd conference on maritime cooperation to safeguard the Caspian Sea will be held with the participation of Iran, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkmenistan in capital city of Tehran from May 28-29.

Maritime safety, promoting interaction mechanisms on inspection and rescue affairs and taking advantage of legal capacities in controlling and inspecting ships will be among the most important topic to be discussed in the conference, Managing Director of Ports and Maritime Organization of Iran Ali Akbar Marzban said.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has a pioneering and constructive role in providing a safe and environmentally friendly marine environment, he added.

Maritime accidents and the need for realizing regional cooperation are among the issues that had been reviewed in the form of multilateral agreements over the past two years; he said adding that meetings are scheduled to be held and MoUs to be signed by Caspian Sea Littoral States.

The second round of the conference attended by Iran, Russia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan was held in Turkmenistan.