FM Zarif: Iran present in regional countries on request

IRNA – Iran’s presence in regional countries is based on their request, Iran Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif told reporters on Wednesday.

‘Iran has always maintained a clear position and its presence everywhere in the region, including Iraq and Syria, is an advisory presence,’ Zarif told journalists at the end of a government meeting session.

He said that Iran’s presence in the regional countries has been aimed at fighting terrorists.

‘Iran is the only country in the region and the world that has been engaged in a war against terrorists and has paid the price and has had martyrs,’ he said.

The Iranian foreign minister said, unlike others that are present in the regional countries without being allowed to do so, Iran is there based on official requests not as an intruder.

‘As long as these governments want us to maintain our presence we will help, and the aids we provide is to the benefit of the entire world as the terrorists were distrusting security at an international level,’ Zarif said.

He added that Iran will continue its war against terrorists.

Answering a question on US President Donald Trump’s move to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal, he stressed that what Trump did prove that Iran acted wisely in its approach towards engaging in nuclear talks with the world powers.

The Iran Deal, known also as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), was upholding Iran’s interests, the top diplomat said.

‘But the American officials, both in the present and former administrations, tried to exercise disloyalty to kill the deal at Iran’s expense,’ Zarif said.

‘But they failed to do so and they were finally forced to pull out from the JCPOA, despite being subjected to an international isolation,’ he said.

This is a reality indicative of a diplomatic achievement by Iran, he added.

Zarif, referring to US embassy move and Washington’s indifference towards the killing of the Palestinians in Gaza, said that the United States has demonstrated that it is not committed to the international agreements.

‘And we had foreseen that in the JCPOA,’ he said, referring to US possible lack of commitment.

‘In fact, the entire JCPOA was based on our disbelief towards the US,’ he said.

He insisted that Iran, according to its national interests, has a wide range of choices and it will act based on them and based on the internal consensus of the Establishment.

The Iranian foreign minister responding to a question on the level of Europe’s commitment to the Iran Deal, said that no doubt, the European Union wants to defend the JCPOA as a international achievement.

The EU decision is not expected to be confined solely to Iran Deal as it will generate a global trend to show how the world is going to address greed and radicalism.