Pompeo pipe-dreaming: Iran FM

IRNA – What the US Secretary of State said was not a base for negotiations; it was based of illusion, said Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Wednesday.

‘The people of Iran have shown that they resist bullying,’ Zarif told reports after a cabinet session.

On the news that the Europeans would stay with Iran and Europe and China were going to suggest a new package to Iran, he said, ‘The news was a lie; the EU denied it. It is the psychological warfare that the Zionist regime has waged against Iran.’

‘Everyone knew that the Joint Commission has a session on Friday without the US at Iran’s request,’ Zarif said.

‘The truth is that they are supposed to give us a new package, but it is in the framework of the JCPOA, not anything else,’ the Iranian foreign minister said.

He also added that the EU denied it three times and even Reuters News Agency that had published the news had to deny it as well.

‘I emphasize that the Zionist regime has founded a psychological warfare room to propagandize both inside and outside Iran, which shows frustration, as Pompeo’s remarks did.’

They say it was Plan B. Their plan A was US President Donald Trump’s extremisms to create a consensus against Iran. They are killing themselves to reach it through different methods, said Zarif.

He added, ‘They believe that the Zionist regime, extremists and certain reactionary countries of the region have suffered a severe defeat. All Iranophobia they had developed against Iran imploded all at once.’

Zarif said that they are doing their best to revive that atmosphere. Iran’s policy has been preventing that, i.e. fighting Iranophobia and guaranteeing Iranians’ right at the same time.