Int’l lawyer comments on Pompeo’s illogical expectations

IRNA – A prominent law expert from Geneva’s Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies has elaborated on US Secretary of State’s absurd expectations.

Pompeo in a speech on Monday said that following withdrawal from the JCPOA, the US is seeking severe financial pressure and unprecedented sanctions against Iran to contain Iran’s influence in the region and block its nuclear and missile programs.

Reza Nasri in a Wednesday Twitter thread elaborated on Iran’s regional landscape and the absurdity of Pompeo’s expectations as follows:

1) Iran is surrounded by autocratic tribal regimes (mostly run by a single family) that have no constitution, no parliament, no ‘checks and balances’, no oversight mechanism, no mitigating institution and no limit on military-paramilitary activity and spending.

2) Autocrats ruling these countries spend billions of dollars on American and Western weaponry every year and are free to wage war on Iran without any constitutional restraints, legal limit or even popular consent.

3) In fact, despite the rosy image that large American firms are at their service may wish to project, these countries’ ‘foreign-policy’ is predominantly influenced by a pan-Arabist grand ambition and an aggressive Wahhabi ideology that is inherently hostile to Iran…

4)…or anything non-Wahhabi for that matter (see 911!)

5) These are countries that have a bleak record in the region that involves, inter alia, supporting Saddam Hussein for eight years in his war of aggression against Iran and – subsequently – in his ‘war crimes’ that involved showering Iran cities with ballistic missiles…

6)…and a violent systematic use of chemical weapons against Iranian civilians and combatants.

7) In this context, it is just absurd to expect Iran to diminish its influence, dismantle its security network, renounce its alliances and voluntarily forgo its deterrence and defense capabilities (including its missile program) just because Mr. Pompeo says so!

8) No politician in Iran would be prepared to concede to these silly demands nor would anyone have the political capital to commit a national collective suicide on Pompeo’s order, under any amount of economic or even military pressure! END.